How do I ship the shirts to you?

You can use any mail carrier. The most affordable option is usually a US Post Office flat rate box. If you follow our instructions, and only send us the sides of the shirts you want included on the quilt, you can can usually find a flat rate box that they will fit in. Please include all the shirts for your order in a single box, and include your order confirmation information in the box. If you have multiple quilts in a single order and absolutely need more than one box, make sure you have printed your order confirmation in each box. We receive hundreds of packages a day, and orders in multiple boxes may be delayed as we match up boxes with one another. 

For me details about preparing shirts, please read through our instructions page:

We will send you a confirmation email when your package arrives at our facility. Please give us three business days to check-in your package. 

The shipping you pay during checkout covers the shipping charge for us to return the finished quilt to you.


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